marginal revenue

marginal revenue
добавочный доход

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  • marginal revenue — marginal cost or marginal revenue noun (economics) The increase in a firm s total costs or revenue caused by producing one more unit of output • • • Main Entry: ↑margin …   Useful english dictionary

  • Marginal revenue — Typical marginal revenue and average revenue (price) curves for a firm that is not in perfect competition In microeconomics, marginal revenue (MR) is the extra revenue that an additional unit of product will bring. It is the additional income… …   Wikipedia

  • Marginal Revenue - MR — The increase in revenue that results from the sale of one additional unit of output. Marginal revenue is calculated by dividing the change in total revenue by the change in output quantity. While marginal revenue can remain constant over a… …   Investment dictionary

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  • marginal revenue — The additional revenue that a producer will achieve by selling one additional unit of production …   Big dictionary of business and management

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  • marginal revenue — income of a business from sales of every additional product, MR (Economics) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • marginal revenue — The additional income that accrues to an organization as the result of selling an extra unit of sales …   Accounting dictionary

  • marginal revenue — /ˌmɑ:dʒɪn(ə)l revenju:/ noun the income from selling a single extra unit above the number already sold …   Marketing dictionary in english

  • marginal revenue — /ˌmɑ:dʒɪn(ə)l revenju:/ noun the income from selling a single extra unit above the number already sold …   Dictionary of banking and finance

  • Marginal revenue productivity theory of wages — The marginal revenue productivity theory of wages, also referred to as the marginal revenue product of labor and the value of the marginal product or VMPL, is the change in total revenue earned by a firm that results from employing one more unit… …   Wikipedia

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